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Tree Lopping – Maintaining Healthy, Safe Trees

Lopping & pruning are an important part of tree care and maintenance.

Managing trees, particularly the larger varieties, around property, roads and pathways is vital and often ensures a longer healthy life for trees.

Central Tree and Stump have over 25 years experience in tree care.

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Tree Pruning Regulations

There are both SA Government and local council regulations in relation to tree lopping and pruning.

These regulations relate to what are termed significant trees. Some species are exempt in some locations and there are exceptions, depending on the positioning of trees.


It is very important that you seek advice from a professional, if you are considering pruning a significant tree.

For More Information on regulations relation to the pruning of significant tress, click here.

Over-pruning or tree removal, without planning permission could result in a considerable fine of up to $120,000.


When you engage Central Tree & Stump to assess your significant tree we will cover the following:

  • Tree Species
  • Is it a regulated tree?
  • Position in Relation To Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Health of the tree
  • Any dangerous limbs
  • Is planning permission required
  • Is an arborists report required

Neighbours Trees

If a neighbours tree is overhanging your property, we can also help you assess what can be done and whether the situation is covered by the significant tree regulations.

Allowable Tree Lopping

The SA government states that:

Maintenance pruning of less that 30% of a tree crown is not controlled where the pruning is required to remove dead or diseased wood or to remove branches that pose a material risk to buildings or areas frequently used by people.

Pruning – What Are The Benefits?

There are some significant benefits to regular pruning and tree maintenance.

These include:

  • Control of tree size
  • Maintain shape and appearance
  • Keeps trees away from cables and buildings
  • Controls root system
  • Avoids tree removal in the future
  • Promotes healthy, thicker foliage
  • Reduces demand on soil and water
  • Reduces impact of trees on lawns and other plants

The maintenance of any particular tree will depend on the variety of tree, location and the soil type it is growing in.

Central Tree & Stump Removals have the skill, equipment and knowledge to maintain any tree variety, in any location.

Cost Efficient Lopping

Our range of equipment is designed to allow quick and efficient access to any part of a tree. This means that we can offer very competitive pricing, as we reduce the amount of time needed to carry out a pruning job.

Controlling Tree Size and Spread

Sometimes trees are planted in a location, which is not suitable for the mature tree. There may buildings, pathways, fences or utilities, such as pipes, or electrical cables near by.

In this situation there are really 3 choices:

1. Tree Removal
2. Tree Relocation
3. Tree Lopping/pruning

The best option for the tree is pruning. This is, in the short term, also the least expensive option.

Maintaining Tree Health And Appearance

Correct pruning and maintenance, by trained professionals will result in a healthier more pleasant appearing tree.

Pruning a tree to keep or enhance a good shape is a skilled job – always ask a professional who has experience and a good track record.

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