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Chipping & Mulch Services

When trees have to be felled and removed the trunk, branches, leaves and other matter need to reduced to a useful state.

Central Tree & Stump Removal provide wood chipping and mulch services. We will chip and mulch on site and also have a good stock of wood chip and mulch for sale.

The trunk is sawn into manageable pieces, which are usually used for firewood.

The smaller parts of the tree, including small branches, twigs, leaves and roots are placed in a wood chipper and reduced to wood chip and mulch.

We aim to make sure that every piece of a tree is used and nothing goes to waste.

Customers who have had a tree removed can opt to keep the logs, which they often do if they have one or more real fires and the wood is suitable, and safe to burn.

If a customer doesn’t want to keep any of the timber, we will take the wood away.

Mulch and Woodchip

Wood chip and mulch are also products that some householders, or businesses prefer to keep and reuse.

Both woodchip and mulch are very useful. Wood chip provides a top layer on plant beds that looks tidy, keeps in moisture and acts as a barrier to weeds.

Mulch is finer and contains organic material that will break down more quickly to add nutrients to the soil.

Mulch and Woodchip For Sale

Many customers prefer us to take away logs, and to a lesser extent woodchip and mulch material, as they have no use for them.

This means that we usually have plenty of logs for sale, which are ideal for log burning fires.

Wood Chipping & Mulching Equipment

Our wood chipping & mulching equipment is well maintained and regularly checked and serviced to keep it in top working order.

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