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If you have had or are having a tree removed then you will also need to have the stump removed too.

Stump grinding using specially designed grinders is the most common method of stump removal. Our grinders are capable of removing even the hardest and biggest stumps. Some stumps are very solid and incredibly hard. So get in the professionals if you have a stump that needs grinding and removing.

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Why Should You Remove A Tree Stump?

There are a number of very good reasons for removing a tree stump.

1. Probably the most important reason is that a dead tree stump will rot over time. It will attract insects that like to burrow and bore into wood. The worst of these as we know, is the termite or white ant. Having the near your home means that they are more likely to end up in your home – where you definitely don’t want them.

2. There are some species of tree that, even after felling will not die at the root. So you will have shoots popping up around the tree, which will continue to grow. You will have to remove these, or a tree will grow there again. These growths and the root will continue to extract goodness from the soil, which you may want to go to other plants.

3. A tree stump can be a dangerous hazard, depending on it’s location. If it‘s in a lawn, then one of your family or a visitor could be badly injured if they fall over it. Depending on the visitor, you could have a claim on your hands.

4. Tree stumps are unsightly. If you take pride in your home, you’ll want any tree stumps removed and the area filled and tidied.

5. Tree roots may still be interfering with any amenities or structure near the tree.

Can I remove a tree stump myself?

It is possible to remove smaller tree stumps and there are plenty of online posts, that give tips and hints on how to remove a stump yourself.

However when it comes to bigger stumps and substantial trees you need to engage a professional.

Most importantly, there are safety issues and insurance to consider. The equipment required to remove even a relatively small stump can be dangerous and, if you are not experienced in handling these tools, you should avoid using them.

Stumps need to be completely removed, in order for regrowth not to occur.

If there is a portion of the stump left in the ground, which is covered over, this will rot over time. At some stage the ground could sink and any planting over the area will be ruined. There is also the possibility that someone could walk on the area where the stump used to be and sink into the ground.

How is a tree stump removed?

Professional companies use a piece of equipment called a stump grinder. These machines range from lawn mower sized up to the size of a small truck.

They are specifically designed to grind stumps, removing all of the remaining mass from above and below the ground.

The size of the grinder used will depend on the size of the trunk and on the amount of room available to access the site where the trunk is located.

The head of the grinder is a rotating wheel with carbide teeth that grind the stump into sawdust, which can easily be removed.

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Emergency Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is a hazard to property or people due to Storm damage, Cracked Limbs, disease or has roots that are damaging foundations or pipes, you need to act quickly and call a professional tree removalist.

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Reasons why trees may need removing include:

  • Storm damage
  • Danger of limbs dropping
  • Old Age – potential falling hazard
  • Roots are causing damage to property, pipes or other infrastructure
  • Disease
  • Damage from insects or pests

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Quick & Efficient Tree Removal

Our modern equipment includes cherry pickers, mini diggers, stump grinders, and trucks.
At Central Tree & Stump Removal we have the experience and know-how to handle any tree removal quickly and efficiently.

Difficult Access Points

Some trees are hard to get to. There may be no road access or they may be close to buildings or boundary fencing. Where tree limbs are over-hanging property, particular care needs to be taken. Falling limbs can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Serious injury or death could also result from falling branches.

Call a Professional

Never try to remove a tree or part of a large tree yourself.

We have removed hundreds of dangerous trees from difficult to access areas, without any damage to property.

Our experienced staff adopt a “tried and tested” system of careful reduction of the trees mass, working from the top downwards. All limbs and trunk sections being sawn off are carefully roped and supported so that when they are detached they can be carefully lowered to the ground.

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